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Cora Duncan is an Irish mixed media artist based in the seaside town of Bangor, County Down. She creates collages and paintings by using original and found photography, paper, paint and drawing elements. 

'I like to make work that's as direct as possible and when I'm working, I'm searching for a mood or a memory that feels right and, in order to do that, I'm taking visual inspiration from my dreams, the coast I live on and the surrounding landscape.'


She has been working as a professional artist since 2010 and was featured in the Royal Ulster Academy of Arts annual show in 2019/2020 held in the Ulster Museum as well as other local group exhibitions.


Prints of current works are available here or in her instagram shop (@coracurates) and larger pieces are available through Saatchi Art.


To see inside her home, her art studio and her life, go follow her on @coracurates​.


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